Fight Against Runescape World Event 3: Tuska with Cheap RS3 Gold

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As scheduled, Runescape World Event 3 is coming on June 1, 2015. Few hours ago, Jagex unveiled a teaser of Tuska, the godless of this World Event. It is obvious that the world event will hit the shelves soon. Take time to buy rs3 gp to join in the third world event of Runescape.

What is World Event 3 featuring Tuska?
RS 3 World Event 3 Tuska
So far, the upcoming world event is untitled yet, but it is certain that there will be four factions involved, including Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and The Godless. And all these factions are bound together to try to kill the blind boar gold Tuska, who attempts to devour Gielinor.

Players cannot side with Tuska, but they will be able to side with one of four factions to manage to kill her. One thing should be emphasized that Ironman accounts will be able to participate in all content and have access to all rewards as well.

What rewards will players gain from the World Event?
Joining in the activity will award a currency specific to this world event, as well as faction-aligned tokens. Besides, participants will also be rewarded tiered emotes, cosmetic overrides and armor, which all weigh the chance to give a critical hits. What’s more, based on the previous world event, some rewards will be available for purchase in the reward shop.

When would World Event 3 be available in game?
Originally, the release date of new RS 3 World Event was the third week of May. But it was moved to June 1, 2015. But Jagex has already posted Tuska teaser online.

Few people said that Tuska is XP waste. However, in my opinion, it is the end of Gielinor, and Jagex has spent more time in this project already. Players should take the event seriously. To take down Tuska effectively, you now can be able to buy cheap rs3 gold with exclusive code on RSorder to take into battle.

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Runescape Player Hold Cabbage Facepunch Event

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One of the rs players with her friends will be hosting a ” Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza” minigame event. This event is a great chance to experience teamwork spirit with valuable rewards. You will get Seedicide and VIP Slayer Tickets, which allows for 2 monster choices when doing Slayer Tasks.

The point of the minigame is to simply survive moving from 1 area to another, while avoiding obstacles, and before the time runs out.

To do that, avoid getting too close to Goriallas, avoid Firewell & Cauldrons as much possible. Gather from the skilling nodes to gain health and points, as well as kill Monkeys and pick up the cabbage they drop. Use some of the abilities given to assist you, such as fireproof, which is found in the minigame small interface.

Stick with the group as much possible, to maximize nodes depleting/monkeys killing efficiency, and to reduce Gorillas damage.

Event details:

Date: Friday, 8th of May

Time: 19:30 Game Time/UTC/GMT, 3:30 PM EST

Event Duration: 1.5 hours

World: To be announced

Friends Chat: Private message “Lucine” about joining the Event, and you will be told which FC they will use.

Event Rules:

1. No PK’ing of teammates if you turn into a Gorilla, and stand on your gathering nodes if you place a trap at them.

2. Zero profanity to be used during the Event. This includes no abbreviated profanities as well.

3. Must be willing to turn online status to off, as well as temporary leave your Clan Channel should a crasher arise and intended to sabotage the Event. You are not automatically required to do that, but only if malicious players arises to sabotage the Event.

4. Enter the Minigame lobby area based on the Event Host instruction. At least 6 players must enter at once to be able to play the minigame in non-shared servers world.

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