Underground expansion released Tom Clancy’s The Division in PlayStation 4

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It feels like an era Ubisoft finally released Tom Clancy’s first large-scale expansion of the division’s PlayStation 4 underground communities welcome after a previously announced Xbox gamers head start access after release. Underground can be extended to the current download or purchase season tickets from $ 19.99 on PlayStation Store alone.

Underground expansion also brings a lot of new content for the PlayStation 4 players to their teeth into, including new gear and other groups.

New gear
blind. – Control and Improvement of pulse technology and flare with this mixed battle gear set.
Deadeye – powerful dictation crit or remotely accurate headshot war.
FireCrest – This gear arson attack enemies.
Reclaimer – enhance the entire group, supported the final set.
Agency must prepare a new battle as they are now fighting to control New York has gone underground on two fronts. Enemy factions previously thought to have been pushed back to regroup and began to push back the underground tunnels of the city organized numerous large-scale counterattack. Bring friends and explore randomly generated dungeons with a strong chance of equipment, rare items and loot sneak deadly new invasion.

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You might be a fan of playing Elementalist in Guild Wars 2 and not be too excited about the Tempest’s choice of weapon. War horns do sound kind of annoying, after all. But take heart: Among the hard data revealed for the specialization on Friday was the promise of new war horn sounds, thus ensuring that you don’t have to listen to the old version over and over as you wield the raw and overloaded power of the elements in battle.

If you’re more curious about numbers than simple sound effects, you’re still in luck, as the livestream unpacked lots of hard data and should give you a picture of how the overloads and the new weapon skills will work in play. Check out the summary to get a picture of the spec ahead of playing it for yourself; it’s as much a new take on the class playstyle as the other elite specializations have been.


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Bad news for Albion Online fans who have been enjoying this summer test phase: It ends tonight. The bright side is that if you’re on the servers today, you can take part in the closing event starting at 11:00 a.m. EDT. It’s a three-way war to capture as many developers as possible, and the winners get… well, bragging rights, mostly. You don’t get to bring a developer home with you; owning a developer is a big responsibility.

All players taking part in the event will be divided up between three alliances randomly. Each alliance has a castle, each castle has a developer, and each player will be coordinating with the rest of the alliance to storm the castles and capture as many developers as possible within a three-hour period. It’s as fine a way to cap off an alpha test as any we’ve heard.


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World Of Warships Launches Global Open Beta

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Wargaming today announced the release of the massively anticipated Open Beta for the latest addition to their online World War II action combat MMO’s with the release of World of Warships. Following a hugely successful Closed Beta period, one that amassed a staggering 410,000 players, the floodgates have opened for the wider gaming community to dive into World of Warships and experience naval combat unlike any other.

“World of Warships’ Closed Beta was incredibly successful, surpassing even our high expectations. We saw nearly half a million players spending an average of two hours in-game every day. From the positive and enthusiastic feedback we received, we are pleased to now welcome even more players into the Open Beta and can’t wait to hear their thoughts about the game. We believe that World of Warships has a very bright future ahead and is a fantastic addition to our famed series.”
Daniil Volkov, World of Warships Development Director
The Open Beta is now available and debuts with a staggering lineup of naval warships from America and Japan, with the current total sitting at 80 warships. Alongside the impressive arsenal of warships is 10 original maps that each support the 12v12 matches, utilizing a variety of modes and environments to cater to both PvP and PvE players.


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New Content Coming to Magerealm

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With its latest content update to Magerealm, GTArcade is excited to introduce the Colosseum, a new feature that brings two unique PVP modes to the game. In addition, players can now create their own PVP rooms to test their might with friends and rivals. Log in today and check out all the new features!

Welcome to the Colosseum
Mighty champions must train rigorously to have a competitive edge and the Colosseum will be their new proving grounds. Visceral combat is always the theme of PVP and players can seek out Arena Admin Bern to partake in the new Colosseum PVP modes. Players may choose which mode suits them, according to their prowess and tenacity.

Competition Mode:
To be called the best in Magerealm, players need to continuously prove themselves by challenging and defeating rivals. Players that still thirst for action after finishing the daily errands can compete with others in Competition Mode. This is a place of fair competition. With no level limit, players can pick anyone to duel. Rise above the competition and show the world who deserves to be number one.

Prizefight Mode:
If normal dueling is not enough excitement, players are encouraged to try Prizefight Mode in PVP. The rules are simple; both contestants place their bets and winner takes all. With the stakes ever so high, players need to do their best at controlling their team and utilizing their skills. In this mode, there’s much more on the line than one’s honor.

Players can join countless others in PVP and hone their skills to perfection. Bring your friends and see who is truly the best!

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