For a great long time, some players are worried that their progress made on Diablo III Seasons cannot be transferred to non seasonal characters or profile when it’s over. Diablo3star now tell you the truth-your time is not wasted in vain, gold collected, XP gained and items found will all be transferred to your profile.

Patch 2.1 Stream revealed more details of Diablo III Seasons.

“One of the cool features of Leaderboards is that even if you’re not in the top players of a server, you can still see how well you’re doing amongst clanmates or friends”, said by Diablo III Devs. That is to say, you can just check your performance on your own social circle.

How long will Diablo III Seasons last?

Meanwhile the Diablo III Season will last 2-3 months. All of you now have enough time to play yourselves fully in Diablo III. What’s more, Adventure Mode will already be unlocked for Seasons. Diablo3 is more than willing to take over your needs of cheapest Diablo 3 gold and d3 items.

Get ready for Diablo III Seasons?

As a feature that incentivizes people to come back to the game, most of Diablo III players maybe already experienced story mode, and they don’t want to force any of you to have to play Campaign to unlock it every time.

Lastly, why not have a leveling ladder in Seasons? From Devs’s replies, Diablo3 has got the answer that it is probably due to the reason that they didn’t want to promote the exact same gameplay of grinding one level after another. Greater Rifts require you to think about your gear and specs, and they want to promote that. More latest news on Diablo III Seasons come soon.