Recently, Blizzard has made a response to Diablo fans about their silence, that they have a few information to share, especially between patches. Speaking of Diablo3 patches, we have to mention to the randomization and level design, which are always the most heated topic in Diablo 3. What kind of randomization would you like in the next Diablo 3 patch?

The development of random maps

From Diablo 1 to Diablo 3, the design idea of random maps becomes more and more fully-fledged. Diablo 1 just had four big squares with different arrangements of the pieces. In Diablo 2, random maps are diversified, especially in the dungeons which could vary in shape and layout. Finally, Diablo 3 fulfills the combination between randomized and non-randomized maps (all surface areas in Diablo 3 are non-random maps). But this design was questioned by most players.

The overall design idea from Blizzard

On surface areas, non-random maps let players do more cool art stuff and focus on game experience, especially in the early game. Even though most players feared it would make game boring, adding huge random levels make them daunting, like those in Act 5 maps.

However, dungeons in Diablo 3 are randomized, and much more flexible in layout than those in previous games. On one hand, the exterior is largely static, with square holes which can drop plenty of possible pieces. With the immobilization, players will have more time do quest, rather than finding where it is. But with these square holes, you can meet different quests in a few games happening in the same place, maybe killing a unique shaman, maybe challenge a big chest or mini-boss or something else. Ideally, it can encourage exploration of the exterior zones over and over for Diablo 3 Legendary items and others.

On the other hand, the halls and rooms and all he bits are shuffled around and it’s all different every time. In some cases individual rooms themselves have those square chunks missing and within those randomly chosen rooms a number of random events can occur.

The contradiction between design and dream

Most players want bigger and more randomized areas, but what are we playing now? Rifts are all about the random, but people mostly farm Act 3’s less-random areas, and now most players spend non-rift time zooming bounties through the easiest parts of Act 1.
In fact, we want large randomized maps when a game is in development, but we always do the quickest and easiest bounties for bonuses and Diablo 3 gold fast. Blizzard has a good plan for map design, but what do we want on hell?