Can’t keep up with all of the great WoW-centric (and WoW-adjacent) webcomics out there? We’re rounding up the latest editions of your favorites weekly in Webcomic Wrapup, so you can catch up on the week all in one place. So what are we still talking about in the intro? Let’s jump into this week’s comics!
Dark Legacy Comics Making a Stink
From Draenor with Love Helping
Gnomregan Forever Too Much (feel better, Trig!)
Gratz Last Request, Pieces of a Puzzle, To Battle
Guilded Age Chapter 38 p. 14, p. 15
LFG p. 905, p. 906; NPC Chapter 16 p. 6, p. 7; Tiny Dick Adventures #79
NPC Comic So Many Magic Cards; Decoration Agitation In-Game Collections, Grab a Corner
PLOX Long Lines, Missing in Action — and check out the Kickstarter if you’re interested in seeing a print version of PLOX!
Tauren It Up Taking Out the Ashran
Questing Comics Goodbye
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