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No really though, why is this mailbox all the way out in Sholazar Basin? I mean, this is Hemet Nessingwary we’re talking about here. You’re supposed to be used to roughing it and all that. Why the mailbox? And what postman in their right mind agreed to slog through miles of jungle just to deliver what is most likely one piece of actually important mail and a bunch of Fingerhut catalogues? Next expansion, I want to see evidence of Azeroth’s postal service. I want to see postal workers out in the wild. I think that would be fun. Moving on to questions!

wilhenfung asked:
WoW Lore/Game mechanics question:
So available Demon Hunter races at launch will only be Blood Elves and Night elves. The reasoning being that it would go against the lore to make the class available to other races.
So why wasn’t it against the lore at the time to make Death Knights available to so many races at the launch of Wrath of the Lich King? If Blizzard had stuck to their lore at the time, Death Knights should have been available only to Humans and Forsaken. Why respect the lore for one class and not the other?
It seems like in this case they only respect lore when it suits them.
Because the Death Knights weren’t just Human or Forsaken. We fought the Scourge at the end of vanilla, when Naxxramas came back — and we fought it again at the end of Burning Crusade as well. All races were involved. The only exceptions were Goblins and Worgen, and if you play through the starting zone with either race, there’s an explanation for why you’re there, too — in the case of the Worgen, it actually involves Arugal, who pops up again later on in Grizzly Hills.

The Illidari Demon Hunters working for Illidan during Burning Crusade were Blood Elves, and Night Elves. If you go to the top of the Black Temple in game, right now, you can see them. That’s why we’ve got Blood Elf and Night Elf Demon Hunters.

TheBoojum28 asked via Twitter:
Once Aleria (sp?) and Turalyon return, who will we search for?
I’m hoping we figure out where the heck Koltira Deathweaver went, because the last time we saw him, it didn’t look so good for him at all.

DavidBaldock asked:
We all know there is plenty of animosity between Horde and Alliance, for the good or ill of the game, but how about internal strife? I’m not even thinking factions here, but more along class lines. Since in Legion we will be focused so heavily on Classes and their Class Halls, what sort of rivalries are ripe for Blizzard to explore?
For example, are Warlocks likely to become even more outcast than they sometimes are already? Could Priests or Paladins take the Legion invasion as an opportunity to further ostracize Warlocks or persecute them in some way? Let’s face it, both Warlocks and Demon Hunters manage to look an awful lot like the enemy.
If Blizzard wanted to play up the rivalry between classes, they could certainly do that. Blood Elf rangers and Blood Elf Paladins have had a kind of antagonistic relationship since Burning Crusade. Mages and Warlocks don’t typically get along. But I think that might fly in the face of what we’re trying to do in Legion, the more I think about it. We’re forgetting factional divides for the moment and banding together as class orders in order to hunt down and defeat the Burning Legion. Because frankly, the Burning Legion is a greater threat than Horde or Alliance would ever be, and that message seems to have sunk in. Deciding to get into a scuffle over which class is better seems to be kind of counterproductive to that, doesn’t it?

BnDov3r asked:
Looking at where the game is heading, is there any good argument to not allow for players to change to whatever number of specs they could, without having to go to a trainer to nullify an existing spec? I mean, Druids have 4 specs, Warriors have effectively 3,5 at this point (wouldn’t be that surprised to see Glad becoming its own spec in Legion), everyone else has 3 and Demon Hunters will have 2.
Honestly? No. Demon Hunters only have two specs, which means they can utilize all of their class specializations just by picking up dual specialization. There’s no reason why, in the face of that, we shouldn’t allow other classes to be able to just swap specs as they please. If Demon Hunters aren’t going to be limited in their choices, why should anyone else? I don’t know if it’s something Blizzard is actually planning, but if they were going to lift that restriction, Legion would be the time to logically do so.

Ezria asked:
I used to think that Orcs turned green because of drinking the demon blood, but I’ve since seen comments that it was exposure to fel energy that caused them to turn green, so why are non-Orc Warlocks not green? Is it a different fel energy that they channel?
It was the exposure to fel energy. By the time the Orcs drank the blood of Mannoroth, the world had already been mostly tainted. The elements were no longer speaking to the Shaman, so most Shaman had turned to practicing Warlock magic instead. Even Orcs who didn’t drink the blood — Durotan and Draka, for example — turned green. It went beyond merely practicing fel magic — by then, the fel magic had seeped into the very land itself. You can read more about that in the novel Rise of the Horde.

Zakzahn asked:
QFTQ: Does Blizzard watch Blizzardwatch?
I know some people over there read the lore columns, and I’m pretty sure there are plenty of others that read the other stuff, too, so I think I can safely say yes, we have our eyes on each other.

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