This news of a single tragedy hit Arthas harder somehow than the thought of thousands of people suddenly rendered homeless. Arthas’s own family was close- knit—he, his sister, Calia, his mother, Queen Lianne, and of course King Terenas. He’d seen how some rulers behaved with their families, and knew that his was remarkable in the degree of closeness. To have lost your city, your way of life, and your father
Ubisoft released their class MOBA / RTS today mash in one of PlayStation 4 and Xbox consoles. Play free games brought almost all of the games, including the features available in PC version:

PVP mode allows up to six competitors in the 3 on 3 (and 1 to 1 and 2 to 2) face off, and allow them the freedom to carry out small-scale conflict at any time.
Cooperative mode, teamwork is essential, added the players and partners to defend themselves against powerful AI base.
Survival mode requires up to four players to match up against the endless wave of enemy attacks.
Challenge model focuses on individual games, test your skills in timed tests.
Viewer mode allows players the opportunity to watch the other match, saw the top competitive player in action.
In AirMech arena, players control a powerful weapon to change, known AirMechs, to protect their base and beyond the enemy fortress. Players will gather to nine available AirMechs, each with their own unique abilities, and ordered them to deploy defense forces from the air or ground mode converts, engage the army at the front. As they gain experience, they will receive the honor (the game’s currency) to unlock upgrades, new units and pilots to expand its collection and customize their look with a unique look and effect.

The Xbox a player, as always, you need an Xbox Live account can access the game.