Kaguya detailed for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

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Some more details and screens of Kaguya Otsutsuki’s appearance in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 have been offered up by Bandai Namco.

Kaguya’s big ability will apparently be her Transportation Technique, which lets her “corner her opponents and overcome tough situations.” I’m assuming that this is her ability to transport herself and the other combatants to different battlefields, considering that the very next sentence mentions that all characters can now use the battlefield to their advantage, with elemental attacks being stronger or weaker based on the terrain. I’m not quite clear on how this’ll work, though; does this mean that choosing a battlefield for a multiplayer match will now actually have an impact on the way the match will go? Hmm.

You can see some new screenshots of Kaguya beating up Naruto and Sasuke below. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is due out this September.


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Total War: Warhammer gets an in-engine trailer

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We know some of you have been wanting to see how Total War: Warhammer is really shaping up, and although this is not actual gameplay, it is a cinematic that’s been rendered in the game engine.

This in-engine video is the first in a series highlighting some of the well-known characters from the Warhammer fantasy series. Today, it’s Emperor Karl Franz, leader of the Empire.

Many of you want to see the actual gameplay because we all remember what the performance was like in Total War: Rome 2. The good news is that on the 30 July Creative Assembly will be releasing a developer walkthrough of The Battle of Black Fire, which was their E3 demo earlier this year. This battle will also be available in its entirety so that’s definitely a video to watch out for.


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Sometimes Games Do Evolve For The Better (Guild Wars 2)

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In February, I was pretty burned out from World of Tanks (WoT) and decided to take a look at Guild Wars 2 (GW2), which I hadn’t meaningfully played since 2013. Most of my 2014 gaming time was spent on WildStar (WS) and WoT.

Why I stopped playing GW2 back in 2013

The following things collectively made GW2 unattractive to me:

I believed Ascended gear was not aligned with pre-launch expectations from ArenaNet (AN) regarding progression
To make matters worse, the acquisition of Ascended gear was extremely grindy. I despised the random daily quests – they were a tedious waste of 30 minutes of my valuable time – and each gear piece was for a particular stats mix for a particular character (soulbound). The Ascended gear system was a disincentive for me to commit time to alts, and alts are fun
There were aspects of the UI that I found irritating, e.g. how small the boon and buff icons are
The combat mechanics in WS looked much more attractive to me. I love aim-based action combat, because it’s engaging and requires skill
Upon picking up GW2 again in 2015, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of the things I disliked had been meaningfully addressed, and that other quality-of-life improvements had been implemented. It’s worth mentioning the value of the GW2’s B2P monetization system – it cost me nothing aside from disk space to patch up to the current version of GW2 and play again.

Improvement #1: Ascended and Legendary gear changed from soulbound to account bound

Legendary / Ascended gear account bound
Account bound > Soulbound
This was outlined in the March 2014 news article on the GW2 site.

The implications of course are massive. E.g. instead of having to farm Berserker Ascended gear for each of your characters, you could farm 1 set of Berserker jewelry and share them across characters, and to the extent your characters share the same weapons and armor, they can share those too.

Soulbound systems create a context where you have to do the same amount of work for each character, and this makes playing alts less attractive, which in turn I believe makes a game less sticky. Players love their alts.

Also, players who have more characters have more protection from class-specific nerfs and changes to the meta, and they are therefore less likely to leave a game when a particular class is nerfed. So I believe that for high-end endgame gear, having that gear be account bound makes a game more sticky for players.

Improvement #2: Daily laurel quests changed to login quests

This was a brilliant move by AN and synergizes with the previous improvement. You just need to login each day to get your daily credit, and I think AN has realized that if you login you might actually play that day. It certainly worked on me.

I utterly despised the previous system of random and completely unchallenging daily quests to earn laurels. Some gamers have the mentality that you should just have to do your dailies and suck it up, but that’s so not-fun for someone like me and is a perspective of the older gaming crowd (I’m looking at you, hard-working Gen X’ers).

Improvement #3: Dyes and skins changed from soulbound to account bound

Some folks don’t care about cosmetics, but I enjoying dialing in the look of each character. E.g. here is my 80 Guardian, with skins that were unlocked from my Warrior:

80 Guardian with badass-looking gear
My Guardian sporting a classic plate armor look, a la the movie Excalibur
Improvement #4: Megaserver

There’s nothing more depressing than playing in sparsely-populated zones. AN implemented megaserver technology, and the level 80 world zones consistently have the critical mass for events.

Karka Queen zerg
Events such as the Karka Queen draw mass participation
Improvement #5: Structured PVP contributes to progression

This one is self-explanatory. I actually stopped sPvP pretty much cold turkey after the first 6 weeks of launch, because I wasn’t leveling my characters to 80. Oddly, I haven’t gone back, but I think I got burned out by the PVP.

Improvement #6: New level 80 zones are fun

Dry Top and The Silverwastes provide popular farming zones. I like the design of The Silverwastes, which is a PVE version of WvW.

All these improvements aside, after two months of playing GW2, in which I geared my 80 Elementalist with some Celestial Exotic gear, leveled a Guardian to 80, and geared my Guardian with a mix of Exotic and Ascended Berserker gear, I’ve decided to put GW2 back on the shelf. I want a different combat experience than what GW2 offers – that is, issues #3 and #4 listed above are still issues. Beyond that, the game continues to be very pigeon-holed in terms of the meta. For multiple classes, Berserker is still the way to go, and that limits functional choice.

Nonetheless, I may come back to GW2 for the Heart of Thorns (HoT) paid expansion, given that once you pay, it’s free to play.

Beyond GW2, in the MMORPG landscape I’ve heard encouraging things about Camelot Unchained, and I look forward to trying it out.

In the meanwhile, I’ve picked WoT back up again and really enjoying it, and I just paid for early access for Armored Warfare, a game is a mashup of WoT’s tank-based combat and the smaller battles common in MOBAs.

What are you playing these days, and what do you think of the evolution of GW2?

I forgot to mention that I also gave SMITE a try in February. Many of you had recommended it to me as a MOBA that I might like, given that it has aim-based mechanics.

SMITE was more engaging than League of Legends (LoL), but I’ve come to realize that the whole meta of selecting heroes and upgrades as counterplay isn’t something that I’m particularly interested in, because in many cases there is a right upgrade path or two and a lot of suboptimal ones, in which case there effectively isn’t a choice to be made. I shelved SMITE after trying it for a couple nights and haven’t been sufficiently interested enough to play it again.

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New Content Coming to Magerealm

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With its latest content update to Magerealm, GTArcade is excited to introduce the Colosseum, a new feature that brings two unique PVP modes to the game. In addition, players can now create their own PVP rooms to test their might with friends and rivals. Log in today and check out all the new features!

Welcome to the Colosseum
Mighty champions must train rigorously to have a competitive edge and the Colosseum will be their new proving grounds. Visceral combat is always the theme of PVP and players can seek out Arena Admin Bern to partake in the new Colosseum PVP modes. Players may choose which mode suits them, according to their prowess and tenacity.

Competition Mode:
To be called the best in Magerealm, players need to continuously prove themselves by challenging and defeating rivals. Players that still thirst for action after finishing the daily errands can compete with others in Competition Mode. This is a place of fair competition. With no level limit, players can pick anyone to duel. Rise above the competition and show the world who deserves to be number one.

Prizefight Mode:
If normal dueling is not enough excitement, players are encouraged to try Prizefight Mode in PVP. The rules are simple; both contestants place their bets and winner takes all. With the stakes ever so high, players need to do their best at controlling their team and utilizing their skills. In this mode, there’s much more on the line than one’s honor.

Players can join countless others in PVP and hone their skills to perfection. Bring your friends and see who is truly the best!

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The Secret World: The Last Pagan

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A brand new Mission Pack is live! Jump into Tokyo and play six all new missions. Take on both deep investigations, brutal action and tricky sabotage. Sidestories: The Last Pagan offers hours of new gameplay where you get to explore a massive Flappy nest and plan your very own bank heist!
Complete all the missions and get your hands on the awesome Lorenzian Fabricator, which lets you teleport directly into Tokyo from anywhere in the world and a Deep Mystery Box to boot!

The Bank Heist – Daimon Kiyota needs something. Something locked away in the vault of Faust Capital. An unlikely bank heist is the only possible solution.
The Pagans – Meet Ricky Pagan, the man beneath the pompadour. Ricky and his gang used to spread the word of rockabilly to the masses, but now they are scattered and lost in the streets of Tokyo. Only the power of rock can reunite the gang.
A Wake of Filth – Something stirs in the waters of Tokyo Harbor. Ricky Pagan doesn’t know what it is, but he knows the only way to stop it is with the help of the holy trinity: Gaia, Amaterasu and Elvis.
Fierce Competition – Inbeda is tired of his contracts being contested – especially when the assassin always seems to be two steps ahead of him. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so he sends out the Spirit of Kan’ami to investigate what is really going on.
All Alone Together – When the Tokyo incident occurred, Harumi and Yuichi had been living most of their lives online. Since the incident, they have been living all of their lives online. And their online circle of friends has gone missing.
The All Seeing Kawaii – Harumi, hacker extraordinaire, has managed to tap into CCTV camera feeds all across Tokyo. But someone or something is removing her cameras, restricting her access to certain parts of the city.

The six new missions are not all that is new in Tokyo. After very helpful community feedback the AEGIS system has also gotten an update. Now you can train the two new Efficiency and Proficiency Skills to master AEGIS to a much greater extent than before!
Please note that you need to have Issue #9: The Black Signal to be able to purchase Sidestories: The Last Pagan and to do the new missions in Tokyo.

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 GW2 Team Tries Their Best to Fix a Lot of Bugs

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GW2 is also the MMO game Guild Wars 2 which is the sequel to ArenaNet’s flagship title, Guild Wars. GW2 team tries their best to fix a lot of bugs in the MMO world. With reworked battle process, their eyes on Dynamic Events, voiced quest dialog, some new professions, fan-favorite races, and the massive open world of Tyria, Guild Wars 2 is far more epic in scope than the original… while still retaining the F2P business model. The reliance on a holy trinity of class-roles is gone too, with every profession in GW2 can take on several roles, including that of a healer. On the top of them, also some special forms of PvP are there that for these gamer who have strong ability of competition: from match-made contests that almost all gamers will be familiar with large amount of World vs. World vs. World wars that pitch the whole servers against one another. ArenaNet hopes there is something for everyone in Guild Wars 2.

This first one come to the features, Dynamic Events, Unique Combat Mechanics, Personal Story, WvWvW PVP, and Free to Play. Take WvWvW PVP as an example, it is a part of the end game, maybe players don’t clear much about WvWvW PVP yet, not the fact that hundreds of players from the three different servers could compete against one another in a large battle with siege weapons and destructible environments.

Next one is professions which includes Warrior, Ranger, Engineer, Elementalist, Guardian, Thief, Necromancer, and Mesmer.

And the last one is RACES that includes Asura, Charr, Norn, Sylvari, Human. And take the Human as an example. It is the most widespread and influential race in Tyria, the Humans have to work with all of the other races to make sure the safety and survival of Tyria.

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