It feels like an era Ubisoft finally released Tom Clancy’s first large-scale expansion of the division’s PlayStation 4 underground communities welcome after a previously announced Xbox gamers head start access after release. Underground can be extended to the current download or purchase season tickets from $ 19.99 on PlayStation Store alone.

Underground expansion also brings a lot of new content for the PlayStation 4 players to their teeth into, including new gear and other groups.

New gear
blind. – Control and Improvement of pulse technology and flare with this mixed battle gear set.
Deadeye – powerful dictation crit or remotely accurate headshot war.
FireCrest – This gear arson attack enemies.
Reclaimer – enhance the entire group, supported the final set.
Agency must prepare a new battle as they are now fighting to control New York has gone underground on two fronts. Enemy factions previously thought to have been pushed back to regroup and began to push back the underground tunnels of the city organized numerous large-scale counterattack. Bring friends and explore randomly generated dungeons with a strong chance of equipment, rare items and loot sneak deadly new invasion.