GW2 Team Tries Their Best to Fix a Lot of Bugs

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GW2 is also the MMO game Guild Wars 2 which is the sequel to ArenaNet’s flagship title, Guild Wars. GW2 team tries their best to fix a lot of bugs in the MMO world. With reworked battle process, their eyes on Dynamic Events, voiced quest dialog, some new professions, fan-favorite races, and the massive open world of Tyria, Guild Wars 2 is far more epic in scope than the original… while still retaining the F2P business model. The reliance on a holy trinity of class-roles is gone too, with every profession in GW2 can take on several roles, including that of a healer. On the top of them, also some special forms of PvP are there that for these gamer who have strong ability of competition: from match-made contests that almost all gamers will be familiar with large amount of World vs. World vs. World wars that pitch the whole servers against one another. ArenaNet hopes there is something for everyone in Guild Wars 2.

This first one come to the features, Dynamic Events, Unique Combat Mechanics, Personal Story, WvWvW PVP, and Free to Play. Take WvWvW PVP as an example, it is a part of the end game, maybe players don’t clear much about WvWvW PVP yet, not the fact that hundreds of players from the three different servers could compete against one another in a large battle with siege weapons and destructible environments.

Next one is professions which includes Warrior, Ranger, Engineer, Elementalist, Guardian, Thief, Necromancer, and Mesmer.

And the last one is RACES that includes Asura, Charr, Norn, Sylvari, Human. And take the Human as an example. It is the most widespread and influential race in Tyria, the Humans have to work with all of the other races to make sure the safety and survival of Tyria.

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Guild Wars 2 World vs. World Map Has Been Replaced

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There are large amount of news for Guild Wars 2 since ArenaNet further reshuffles some of its features to the players who better suit it. Today, they have announced that they are removing the World vs. World maps from the world completion requirements. Although this may be to some extent make the players been frustrated for players who had to enter into the hell of having a try to fulfill the jumping puzzle if avoiding red names, this is a fantastic news for the game to a whole part since it was a very harsh requirement which need the players lots of patience.

The World vs. World maps just like any other map which is not required for world completion and ArenaNet have said that all vistas, skill points, and points of interest in the zone will remain. As soon as the maps have been replaced from world completion, the totals of updating will go into effect, so if players have already started on the WvW parts of map completion but haven’t yet finished, upon their next log in their character will come to the world completion. So wonderful!

The change comes with ArenaNet’s wish to streamline Guild Wars 2 so that no player will felt been forced to join the content which they do not wish to take part in, with the hope that it will make for a much better Guild Wars 2 experience for every players.

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Flying Is Gone While Extremely Rare Mounts May Come in WOW 6.1

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Few days ago, we introduced the top 4 things player should master in Draenor Blackrock Foundary. Except that, mounts in WOW also play an important role in game. With the removal of flying mounts, it is said that an extremely rare mount will be added in WOW 6.1. What is its feature on hell?
Flight mechanics are gone forever

The removal of flying mounts in Warlords of Draenor has made most people frustrated, and even some dream to redesign flight mechanics and alternate uses for flying mounts. However, Community Manager Bashiok has replied that flight mechanics don’t match WOW’s game play and have to be abandoned.
Actually, in BC and Wrath, Blizzard made lots of efforts to create new flight mechanics, but it finally failed for what this game is and how the engine and content are created. Besides, WOW is not a flight sim, and creating these mechanics is “potentially radically different than the core gameplay that defines it.”

An extremely rare mount in wow 6.1

Although a number of flight-specific toys and wow items can be used to glide around the game world, it cannot obviously meet the demand. But WOW official micro-blog revealed that an extremely rare mounts will be added in 6.1.
It is like a lottery to get that mount. In Draenor 6.1, a random portal will be open, and only one player can enter to claim it. Once he succeeds, the portal will never open in the next few days. It is really rare, right? But it is pity that there is nothing more about the abilities of this mount.

Every player needs mounts in wow, especially flying mounts and such extremely rare and unique one. But no one makes sure whether and when the extremely rare mount will come. So buy wow mounts cheap at wowtoes to accelerate in World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor.

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World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 Coming with Possible Veteran Edition Account

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World of Warcraft is going to release its next patch in the near future, we say patch 6.1. Now it is said that WOW patch 6.1 may add a brand new veteran edition account. What is that? What effect will that bring to current WOW? Will any changes to WOW gold US or EU? WOW players have many questions about that.

Possibility Comes from Patch 6.1 Content

As some details content revealed in coming WOW patch 6.1, WOW players notice a sentence saying that “There is a new account type that has similar restrictions to Starter Edition accounts, called a Veteran Edition account.”
Though the final content of WOW patch 6.1 hasn’t been confirmed, it is possible that the brand new veteran edition account may appear in WOW after the patch is released.

What is Veteran Edition Account in WOW?

According to the word “has similar restrictions to Starter Edition accounts”, we can say that it is pretty clear that it’s the exact same functionality as a starter account. It’s just applied to pre-existing accounts which have run out of time.
It has most of the restrictions of trial accounts: WOW players can’t invite into a group, can’t whisper much, players can only whisper to characters that they’re mutual friends with; WOW fans can’t yell and have a money and level cap, characters cannot join guilds and the level cap is only 20.

What Effect Will WOW Veteran Edition Bring to Current WOW?

Since WOW patch 6.1 is about to add this new account, WOW players are just wondering how the game WOW will change with this veteran edition account available.
What’s the point? It’s really just the ability to play WOW on an existing upgraded account with trial account limitations. Maybe it will be less convenient because a new Veteran Edition capped character would take up precious character slots.

Blizzard Doing this For More Subscription

One guess is that Blizzard is doing this to increase its subscription according to the text that “You must have an active subscription to play characters above level 20.” So if WOW players want to use this brand new veteran edition account, then they needed to re-subscribe WOW, especially those WOW players who have dropped WOW for a time.

Anyway, WOW patch 6.1 is coming in the future, no matter what Blizzard would add in that, it’s sure that true WOW fans will keep love the game. So if you need cheapest WOW gold with fast delivery to enjoy your warlords of Draenor, feel free to contact Wowtoes with up to 9% free WOW gold bonus. Save your money now.

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RuneScape prepares for the next level

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A heavy metal robot, eccentric big-game hunter and a steel-clawed ninja will all be battling their way onto computer screens early next year, thanks to the efforts of a Cambridge technology firm.
Block N Load is the latest offering from Jagex, the video game studio behind hugely-successful fantasy game RuneScape, which has over 200 million registered accounts.
From their headquarters at the Cambridge Science Park, a team of 10 developers has been working for 18 months on their latest project, a cartoon battle game, where the two teams spend as much time destroying their environment as each other.
Vice president David Solari has led the project. He said: “It’s a game where anything can happen and you’re only limited by your imagination in what you can do.
“It’s five v five, competitive and objective based, where you have got to build and destroy the battlefield to destroy the enemy’s base.”
The game will be available through the online Steam store, where thousands of games can be downloaded to computers anywhere in the world.
The playable characters, include long-range sniper Nigel Purdey-Longshot and fighting robot Cogwheel, and dig tunnels and place traps throughout the interactive landscape, in a bid to scupper the opposition.
It has been trialled at a number of focus groups, with initial reaction proving positive.
Mr Solari said: “We took it to an event recently where a very broad range of people enjoyed it; kids of age eight onwards were playing, and some queued up ten times to play it.
“Everyone here is 25-plus, and they’re absolutely crazy for it.”
The firm has been based in Cambridge for 14 years, and currently employs around 450 people, with the city’s strong tech sector providing a major benefit.
“Cambridge is good for us, there is a lot going on, with good rail and flight connections, and it’s a young, vibrant city, and that’s what we want to connect with”, he said.
“We have used a bunch of students to help us capture game footage, and the focus group people we got are generally local.
“Having the university here is helpful from a graduate point of view, and it has this great international reputation. You talk to Americans or Germans about Cambridge everyone has heard of it.”
Following a ‘beta’ test launch on Thursday the game is set for full release early next year, with additional downloadable content set to be created regularly.

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