WS 2013 mechari 1024 x 576, 25 Wildstar PvP Guide: hall with bloodsworn DPS classes.
The style of the bloodsworn Hall, Wildstar 10 V Hill – King of LSD. This map, the team were the attackers and defenders of a continuous distribution, Volume 3 of the control of ponto.os three points of the victory of the team can get faster. Level 15 or bloodsworn Hall. The map for the two of us, soon to be prepared.
1 more exercises in the yard.
2 all the production of ventricle esquerdo.fato Blue 50 PvP. This is essential in the field of battle.
In the entrance hall of the class bloodsworn tank
The engineer is more general: The Wildstar tanks, several technical support. As an exception, the insecurity of malaria, unstable, is red, cook, visual. We are the enemy unrest with skills, skills of construction, can be adjusted. And you need to play, which is of high resistance and durability with the poor. But, the weak capacity of the movement.
A warrior: fewer people are powerless to attack tanks soldiers. On the other hand, the force and the network of Defense and struggle, with chicken. When the warrior warrior DPS of the tank can also play, high performance, simple as that. Now, in particular the tanks. Therefore, the choice of vice is warrior, good choice!
In the classroom of the bloodsworn DPS
“The injury of explosives of class warrior DPS very positive. The battlefield in PvP without making use of words, I feel disappointed. Light armored warriors and of any kind, the best, you know, around high survivability to say mal.ent Sao, you and your strength of any game.
Spellslinger], in almost all the players of the team spellslinger DPs that you need the intelligent operación.spellslinger characteristics of attack, long distance and high daños.el Flash Crash 4S furniture to prevent murder, physical damage and stunning. My personal experience, I have been a long time spellslinger speed is necessary.
Stalker: tie my choice, or others that also deal with you. Or damage in the invisible, is very high, even if the tank is insuport to vel.por or 1 only to fight against the enemy, the Group is weak.
The engineer engineer: dot is excellent, I hope ok.em particular, you must pay attention to die with an electrical shock, so that damage is high and long dist ncia.dps you, then you should choose some attributes to increase the survival rate.